Welcome to the Town of Madison


In New Hampshire, real estate property taxes are the major source of revenue for local government. In Madison, your property tax dollars cover all town services voted at the annual March Town Meeting, services provided by Carroll County, the state-wide enhanced education tax, the education of Madison Elementary students, the tuition for students attending A. Crosby Kennett Middle School and Kennett High School, and the support of the School Administrative Union #13 office.

For Madison residents who are elderly, blind, a veteran or veteran’s spouse, or are unable to pay your taxes due to poverty or other good cause, you may be eligible for a tax exemption, credit, abatement, or deferral.

District of Eidelweiss is subject to an additional tax that covers services voted by the legal voters of the District at their annual February meeting.  For more information regarding the Village District of Eidelweiss

Contact the Selectmen’s Office at 603-367-4332 Ext. 300.

General Property Tax Information