Contact the Town Clerk’s Office at [email protected] or 603-367-9931 (X305 or X310) to purchase copies of Town Regulations and Ordinances that are filed in the archival vault.

The Town Clerk’s Office will be working on putting a Regulation and Ordinance book together.  Copies may eventually be available through the website.  Some of the most requested Regulations and Ordinances can be found below.

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map

Land Subdivision Regulations

Site Plan Review Regulations

Building Permit Ordinance

Madison Master Plan 2002 with 2010 revisions

Excavation Regulations

Fireworks Ordinance

Town Properties Regulations

Prohibition of Road Obstruction Regulation

Logging on Class VI Road Regulation

E-911 Ordinance

Invasive Aquatic Plant Ordinance

Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance

Snowmobile Regulations

Driveway Regulations