Members: Marc Ohlson, Chair; John Arruda, Selectmen’s Rep; Noreen Downs; Brian Fowler; David Cribbie; Philip LaRoche, Alternate

Administrative Assistant: Colleen King
Phone: 603-367-4332 x302

The Planning Board is authorized by State Statute to draft, review, and recommend ordinances and regulations and subsequent amendments; regulate the subdivision of land; review and approve site plans for development of land; review and approve excavation & reclamation plans; prepare and maintain a master plan for the town; and prepare a capital improvements program.

The board meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. in the downstairs meeting room of Town Hall. The order of business is to review new applications first, continued applications second, and then other planning board business. Applications must be received the second Wednesday of each month by 12 noon to be placed on the public hearing notice for the subsequent month’s meeting. Currently, all site plan and subdivision applications require a preliminary non-binding hearing prior to submission of a full application. Application forms, with instructions, may be downloaded from the web site or obtained through the Selectmen’s Office. The Planning Board Administrative Assistant  may be reached at 367-4332 x302 for help with procedural questions and information or by emailing the planning board at the above address.

Meetings for 2018 and the deadline to submit applications is as follows:  __


JANUARY 3, 2018                           DECEMBER 12, 2017
FEBRUARY 7, 2018*                       JANUARY 16, 2018
MARCH 7, 2018                                FEBRUARY 13, 2018
APRIL 4, 2018                                   MARCH 13, 2018
MAY 2, 2018                                       APRIL 10, 2018
JUNE 6, 2018                                    MAY 15, 2018
JULY 11, 2018                                   JUNE 19, 2018
AUGUST 1, 2018                              JULY 10, 2018
SEPTEMBER 5, 2018                     AUGUST 14, 2018
OCTOBER 3, 2018                           SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
NOVEMBER 3, 2018                      OCTOBER 16, 2018
DECEMBER 5, 2018                       NOVEMBER 13, 2018
JANUARY 2, 2019                           DECEMBER 11, 2018


The board consists of six elected members and one selectman serving as an ex-officio member. The board may appoint up to three alternate members.

See “Applications” tab to download the Planning Board application.
See “Regulation” tab for the following regulations/ordinances:

  • Zoning Ordinance
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Site Plan Regulations
  • Excavation Regulations