Madison Old Home Week

2024 Celebration will begin on Saturday, August 3rd

Letter of Invitation

“Sons and daughters of Madison, We invite you back to show
Homage to a common birthplace and the days of long ago.
You were born where rugged mountain in stupendous grandeur stand,
Taught the lessons of your childhood from the book of Nature grand.
So we hope you’ll wander backward, through the scenes of youth elate,
To repeat the matchless glories Of the grand old Granite State.”

– James O. Gerry,
Past Secretary
Old Home Week Committee
from Madison Historical Society

The hard-working Old Home Week Committee and volunteer helpers would like to thank the dedicated participants…and the dedicated participants would like to thank the hard-working Old Home Week Committee and volunteer helpers!!  Madison truly is a special place to live, and the annual Old Home Week is such a special time to share with family and friends, from both near and far. 

Michael Brooks             603-367-8656
Adam Price
Denita Dudley
Jake Martin