Madison TV operates under a three-member volunteer Board of Directors (residents Frank Murphy, Joyce Stevens, and Hope Hutchinson).  If you would be interested in becoming a Madison TV Board of Directors volunteer, please inquire at the Town Office.

Madison TV tapes governmental meetings, school meetings, community events, and other programs relating to Madison.  There are five videographers who work to cover meetings and events.  If you are interested in becoming a videographer intern, please inquire at the Town Office.

Madison TV airs 24 X 7 on Charter-Spectrum Cable Channel 1301.   

CLICK HERE for Madison PEG TV programming schedule.    

CLICK HERE for Madison TV programming available for on-line viewing.

Madison PEG TV Videographer Job opening – Click Here for more details

Minutes for all town board and committee meetings can be found on the Town of Madison webpage.  Or call the town office during regular business hours to request a copy.  603-367-4332, X300.  The minutes are the official town record.

Message from Charter Communications – Spectrum TV

On October 16, 2018, Channels 3 and 21 new locations changed to channel 1301 and 1302.  This is carried in the basic service tier. 

Customers are required to have a Spectrum Receiver on each TV. 

If you have an existing set-top-box, digital transport adapter (DTA), or retail device with a CableCARD on each TV, you will be unaffected by this change. 

Otherwise, to order your Spectrum Receiver(s), please go to / digitalnow or call 1-844-278-3409 and Charter will ship a self-installation kit directly to your home at no additional cost

You can also visit the Conway Cable Store to pick up your equipment.  If you need equipment, customers are eligible to receive a converter at no additional charge for a limited period of time.  Please note, if customers have TV(s) without equipment issued by Spectrum, you will lose the ability to view channels.