Madison TV operates under a three-member volunteer Board of Directors (residents Jim Molloy, Frank Murphy, Joyce Stevens, and Marcia Shackford – Alternate).  If you would be interested in becoming a Madison TV Board of Directors volunteer, please inquire at the Town Office.

Madison TV tapes governmental meetings, school meetings, community events, and other programs relating to Madison.  There are five videographers who work to cover meetings and events.  If you are interested in becoming a videographer intern, please inquire at the Town Office.

Madison TV airs on Time Warner Cable Channel 3.  The Madison TV crew program Friday-Saturday-Sunday for town viewing.  Each Town meeting recorded shows two to three  times each weekend at different times of the day. 

CLICK HERE for Madison PEG TV programming schedule.  See tab for Madison TV Program Guide printable version.  

CLICK HERE for Madison TV programming available for on-line viewing.